2 Ultimate Makeup Removers for Sensitive Skin Sworn by Aesthetician Doctors

We do know for a fact that we all love putting on makeup because it gives us a vibrant look and simply for creativity. However, removing makeup takes multiple steps which will be seen as a hassle, even more when the time to do it is at night and if you don’t do it well, you might be ruining your skin. So, have you ever encountered a perfect all-around makeup remover for sensitive skin, that also acts as a toner and moisturizer which will save a huge ton of time?

Maybe you thought you had discovered a perfect makeup remover for sensitive skin or maybe dry skin before, but then you found out that it was all just a mere claim from a commercial to get their products to sell, those products only dried out your skin, irritated it and caused a breakout. What a bummer.

need a makeup remover for sensitive skin

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Here, we are excited to share with you the best makeup remover yet to this date! This is not a sweet talk because it has been used by aesthetician doctors in Malaysia to remove makeup or impurities from the client’s skin before a facial treatment procedure and they swear by it. Why? It could be the ingredients, the efficacy and what not.

The product which we will talk about is an oil free makeup remover because oil makeup remover would then require double cleansing, which means more time consumption.

As a side note, if you are looking for the perfect time-saving oil free eye makeup remover, you are in the right spot here.

A study shows that micellar water is able to reduce 16% in skin redness for rosacea sufferers! That’s only with regular micellar water, how about these ones we will introduce to you all? Alright, without further babbling, let’s jump right in!

Phasilab Instant Demake S (Sensitive)

What’s its specialty and what differs this France based micellar water from the others? Well, one of the best things you should know is that this makeup remover is formulated specially for the people with sensitive, acne prone, rosacea and oily skin! Usually, we don’t always hear these types of skin being combined in one dedicated product, right?

Other than that, the ingredients used in the Instant Demake S are amazing and we will elaborate about this later in the article. Let’s also not forget that most micellar water cannot or seem impossible to remove waterproof makeup unless you do it repeatedly but then you’ll irritate your skin, but it’s a different case for this awesome product!

Let’s see the benefits of this makeup remover below;

Don’t they sound too good to be true and practically perfect? Well, we can’t help that the product is practically perfect and you’ll have to try it for yourself to see the magic! Now, let’s break down its special ingredients.

3 Important Ingredients In Makeup Remover For Sensitive Skin

1. Allantoin For Sensitive Skin

 allantoin for sensitive skin
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Allantoin is a substance derived from temperate climates in Asia and Europe regions, it is extracted from the comfrey plant which has been used for centuries to treat skin wounds and swelling. What does it do in this micellar water? This ingredient helps you by moisturizing the skin through exfoliation, removing dead skin cells that prevent natural humectants from retaining water in the skin.

2. Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride To Reduce Sensitivity

 caprylic can reduce sensitive skin condition
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This oily liquid compound is derived from coconut oil or palm seed. It acts as a dispersing agent which means it helps other ingredients to spread and glide smoothly and be absorbed by the skin nicely. Just perfect for this micellar water because it creates a skin barrier which will reduce dryness and increase the level of moisture in your skin. Not only that, it will not leave an oily or sticky residue after its use.

3. Chamomilla Recutita For Makeup Remover

 chamomilla in makeup remover
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Chamomilla Recutita, also known as German Chamomile is popular for its benefits as a calming and healing agent especially when used in a drink. Other than our internal organ, our largest organ that is the skin also appreciates and absorbs the goodness it offers. In this micellar water, it acts as a soothing agent that will calm the skin and reduce redness which a lot of individuals with sensitive skin suffer from as well as keeping the moisture of the skin. Other than that, Chamomilla Recutita can also reduce photodamage from the skin that’s caused by a prolonged exposure towards solar radiation.

Phasilab Instant Demake HA Micellar Water (Normal to Dry)

This micellar water comes from the same product series as the previous product! Only that this Instant Demake HA Micellar Water is specially formulated for individuals with normal, dry and mature skin. Why? It’s because the water is enriched with hyaluronic acid which will ensure the nourishment and the hydration of the skin after cleansing.

So, if you know someone of age who loves to wear makeup, but is struggling to find the best makeup remover that best suits their skin, we urge you to recommend this product to them. Unless you yourself have mature skin, this is the right makeup remover for you!
Let’s see the benefits of this product below

All in all, this micellar water shares similar awesome ingredients with Instant Demake S, only that this one nourishes your skin even more just like what your dry, normal or mature skin needs!

Here is the simple direction on how you may use the products.

Since the product won’t require you to rinse the skin and is gentle to your skin, you may use cotton wool and immerse it with a few drops Instant Demake HA and S. Then, wipe your skin in circular motion and repeat actions until all makeup and impurities leave the skin. The micelles will act as a micro sponge that will suck all the dirt and makeup effortlessly, leaving your skin looking healthy, and hydrated afterwards. Lastly, just throw the used cotton wools in a trash can and you’re set for bed, facial treatments or any occasions!