How Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover Helps You Prevent 3 Problems

Whether you are a makeup wearer or not, your skin tends to build up impurities throughout a busy or regular day be it running errands, exercising especially on your eyes. Therefore it is important to get yourself oil free eye makeup remover. It is easy to overlook the importance of cleansing your face until it’s too late to prevent breakouts caused by the unattended pores and you would be forced to find a way to treat it and this includes your eyes area.

You need oil free eye makeup remover

oil free eye makeup remover makes eyes better
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People often take the luxury of having a good sight for granted and not removing eye makeup properly or not cleansing their eyes is one of the examples. It is an absolute invitation for eye irritation, and infections.

According to a study, it shows that cosmetic eye infection is 63% developed in working women, 27% in female students and 10% in housewives. One of the causes for such high numbers is the negligence of a proper eye makeup removal especially at night.

In order to avoid the evitable problems, we suggest you make time to cleanse your eye makeup properly. You don’t have a lot of time to spare? No worries because you will only need to use oil free eye makeup remover pads.

Why oil free eye makeup remover?

It is because the impurities caught by your skin will cause greasy texture and greasy feeling on the skin calls for deep cleansing action! Thus, an oil free eye makeup remover such as a micellar cleansing pad is the best type of eyelid cleanser to tackle these impurities while remaining gentle to your eyes. For your information, makeup remover pads with pure micellar water are the best makeup remover for all types of skin.

Before we get further into the eyes area, let’s cover our skin in general first, shall we?
There are 4 common types of skin impurities which will hang onto your skin until you take action to remove them.

4 common types of skin impurities

What caused this impurities production?

Besides the improper removal of makeup, there are several other factors mainly in your diets that can be the cause of impure skin such as;

Now that you know about the factors of impure skin, you can begin applying healthy habits into your lifestyle. After all, we only have one skin in a lifetime, so make sure to make the best of it to show appreciation towards your largest organ.

Moving on, let’s refocus on our eyes’ concerns.

3 effects of failing to remove eye makeup

Yes, we do understand that after a long day all that you have been wanting to do or care about is to hop into your bed and drift immediately into slumber. You may also convince yourself that “It’s okay, I can just wash my face right after waking up tomorrow. How bad one night can be without removing my makeup, right?” Right.

It is alright until you find yourself repeating the same monologues every 2 days and it gradually becomes a habit. Would you like to know what will happen to your eyes especially when you don’t properly cleanse all that makeup off?

1. Concretions

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After neglecting your eyes needs to be free from eye makeup especially mascara, the material will accumulate underneath your eyelids which will form concretions. These solid masses can erode the cornea, followed by eye pain and will lead you to blindness if it’s left untreated.

2. Excessive loss of eyelashes

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When you sleep in mascara, it will dry out and clump up which in result, your eyelashes will most likely fall off abnormally. Although this is not as serious as concretions, we are sure this can hurt your vanity. However, if you fall asleep only once or twice in mascara for whatever reasons, you need not to worry but try your best to be disciplined in the future so that you will not sabotage yourself.

3. Bacterial infections

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By leaving your front door open at night while you sleep is an invitation to burglars, just like when you keep the mascara on when you go to bed, you are inviting bacteria into the eyes. That may be a bad analogy but you get the point!

Sleeping in mascara attracts any type of bacteria to invade your eyes and this can lead to several number of vision problems. Other than that, it may also cause infections and like concretions mentioned above, it may lead up to blindness.

How will oil free eye makeup remover help?

We have warned you about the dangers of ignoring the process of eye makeup removal and it is in your hands now whether you will take actions or not! Now, how will a makeup remover help you to prevent this?

Honestly, it is only you that can avoid these problems and the makeup remover is only the tool to get that job done. We recommend you to use oil free makeup remover like micellar water, -or if you’re feeling super lazy to soak a cotton pad with the micellar water, you can also choose a micellar cleansing pad from Phasilab- because;