Don’t Ditch All Makeup Remover Wipes Just Yet

Makeup remover wipes are undeniably being removed slowly from the beauty and skincare shelves. One the many reasons why is because people have found a better replacement for their skin as to remove makeup and for the sake of the environment.

Other than that, the existing makeup remover wipes are mostly irritable to the skin, and would trigger a lot of skin conditions caused by the harsh ingredients like alcohol and perfume in these wipes. Plus, the scratchy makeup remover wipes might further contribute to more harm than good by causing premature wrinkles especially around the area of the eyes.

However, will you consider listening to us when we say it is not the time just yet to give up on makeup remover wipes because we have found that 1 in a million? If you will, then you have made the right decision because we are about to introduce to you an amazing, kind-to-skin, and effective makeup cleansing pad, the one and only, Phasilab Instant Demake S Micellar Cleansing Pad!

Phasilab Micellar Cleansing Pad as Makeup Remover Wipes

This France-based makeup cleansing wipe which belongs to Phasilab Laboratories, an exclusive aesthetic pharmaceutical product range is internationally recognized for its innovative formulas that complements aesthetic skin treatments. You may say that this is the best makeup remover in terms of cleansing wipes!

Why is it special than regular makeup wipes?

What differs Phasilab Instant Demake S Micellar Cleansing Pad from other makeup brands is that it’s specified for oily, sensitive and matured or fragile skin.

If you are not a makeup wearer, you can definitely add this to your skincare routine for a perfect double cleansing at night to remove impurities which are trapped in your skin during the day.

For oily skin

makeup remover wipes for oily skin

Usually, individuals with oily skin would need a stronger makeup remover to eliminate sebum on the skin, or are in need of oil free makeup remover for their eye makeup without that annoying greasy residue. Behold, this cleansing pad will fulfill your greasy skin’s needs where other makeup wipes cannot do!

For mature skin

Meanwhile for those who have matured skin, and are currently feeling the dread of having to cross off makeup remover wipes from your beauty list; you are so used to the quick process of removing makeup when you had baby skin but as the time passes and your skin ages, you now must pay more attention to your matured skin needs before anything else.

Don’t despair, with the existence of Phasilab Instant Demake S Micellar Cleansing Pad, you can put your worry and dread at a halt because it uses a smooth non-woven wipe which is gentle for the aging skin.

For sensitive skin

Sensitive skin bearers as we know it must seek products with gentle ingredients to prevent a flare up especially for those who suffer from rosacea. With this makeup cleansing pad, you’ll never have to be concerned about the appearance of redness across your skin anymore! It will give your skin a sense of calmness which you may have never experienced from makeup wipes before.

10 Benefits of Phasilab Instant Demake S Micellar Cleansing Pad

  1. The cleansing pad targets fragile and oily skin whilst maintaining pH balance of the skin
  2. Effortlessly removes makeup including waterproof makeup
  3. Helps decrease skin conditions such as acne, blackheads and rosacea
  4. It doesn’t miss micro dead cells, cleansing thoroughly
  5. While cleansing deeply, it remains its gentleness towards the skin
  6. Antioxidant properties help moisturize and soothe the skin.
  7. Helps improving the skin complexion, also safe to use with Botox
  8. 100% free from parabens, alcohol and perfume
  9. Have a smooth non-woven wipe that’s kind to lashes and eyes.
  10. Perfect for travelling and pre procedure of facial treatments.

Phasilab Instant Demake S Micellar Cleansing Pad is everything you may need in a makeup cleansing wipe and more! While you’re stressing about the reactions your skin has toward other makeup wipes, this micellar cleansing pad is just sitting there waiting for you to accept them with open arms.