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RejuveMD has a liposomal delivery system that encapsulates the active ingredients and delivers them 3 layers below the skin’s surface to the 3rd dermis layer, the Reticular layer. The layer of tissue that houses the cells responsible for restoring the appearance of youthful skin recognizes the growth factors and starts working immediately. If an anti-aging treatment does not have a delivery system it sits on the top of the skin and does nothing but act as a costly moisturizer.

Epidermal Growth Factor - EGF

Working mainly on the outermost layer of the skin, EGF has the remarkable ability to repair skin damage and increase the production of new skin cells. EGF is also essential for vibrant, radiant skins.

Fibroblast Growth Factor - FGF

Speaking directly with the fibroblasts in the lower layers of the skin, FGF instructs these cells to produce collagen and elastin to renew the skin’s support structure and improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Transforming Growth Factor-Beta - TGF-β

Proven to stimulate the skin to produce 6X more collagen while inhibiting the enzymes that destroy the collagen elastin matrix. TGF-B also repairs skin damage and calms the cellular inflammation that promotes the aging process.

RejuveMD [EYE]

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