Our Products


Having 25 years of experience within the Pharmaceutical and Dermocosmetic industry, along with recognized international know-how, the Phasilab team created the Instant – aestheceutic expertise brand.

With Instant, Phasilab provides:

Innovating products, resulting from “an aestheceutic expertise”, adapted to dermatology, aesthetic or surgery and offering protection, comfort, tolerancy and radiancy of the skin.
​Galenic formulas and the active ingredients combining easy use and effectiveness the user can feel

Demake S

Makeup off, radiance beauty begins

Demake HA

No rinse, no harsh rubbing.
Removes, Cleanse, Soothes

Instant exfowhite

Specially designed to depigment darkened sensitive intimate skin areas

Instant Comfort 24 hours Fluid

For a silky, radiant and zen skin

Instant Calm Spray

Instant “Fireguard” effect soothing spray

Instant Calm Cream

Instant “Fireguard” effect soothing cream

Instant age contour forte

Crow Feet, Dark Circles, Premature Ageing