Diblanc Skincare manufactured by Korea B&C Co. Ltd is a corporation striving for natural beauty. They are thrived to bring advance technology in beauty with continuous research and development through joint development with the research team and professors of Department of Cosmeceutical Science, Daegu Haany University , which is the Asia best core University of the Cosmedical Bio-industry.
They create premium and highly functional skincare product derived from oriental medicine. Korea B&C will create a beautiful world by leading a new beauty trend culture in BIO, Cosmetics, K Beauty and K Culture.

Diblanc tintstick 3 in 1

Anti-Aging Lip Treatment, Moisture Sensation Of Lip Balm

Diblanc Vegan Plumpingstick

The 100% Vegan Lipstick Creates A Smooth, Suede-Like Finish

Diblanc prestige cream

Optimal Skin Regeneration, Comfort & Rapidly Calm & Soothe Dry Skin.

diblanc prestige essence

A total care that rejuvenates your skin with strong moisturizing effect

diblanc prestige lotion

Replenish and revitalize dehydrated and sensitized skin

diblanc prestige toner

Super nourishing emulsion that helps skin glow and balanced